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Industrias Unidas Moliv, was founded in 1951 in Mexico City as a family owned business. Moliv introduced some of the most innovative techniques to manufacture high quality PVC products. Since 2012, our company moved to a large industrial park and has grown to become the largest manufacturer of Vinyl PVC bags in Mexico and Central America.

Moliv specializes in plastic packaging for a variety of industries including apparel, tools, health & beauty and sporting goods. Our experience in the concept, manufacture and handling of vinyl materials lets us offer a wide variety of services and in custom designs that enhance the clients packaging; Moliv has a large production capacity capable  to overcome any challenge.

Our expertise guarantees our top quality products with expert staff of advisors and designers who help to develop the ideal solution for each customer.

We care to provide (1) the best customer service, (2) the highest quality standards at (3) very competitive prices. The perfect balance for growth. Moliv is in the last stages to become certified with ISO 9001.

We love to grow with our clients and provide them with the best attention and advice in the development of a quality, unique and resistant packaging that enhances their products.

¡Service and quality at the best price!




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