Vinyl folders and binders

We are a leading manufacturer of vinyl folders and binders, made with high quality plastic materials in high frequency welding and screen printed.

All of our folders and binders are Customizable in size, design and color.

We have an MOQ of 1,000 Pieces.


Are you looking for a special design?

Contact us and we help you develop it


Vinyl folder

F1-Vinyl Folder

Padded Vinyl folder, leather like plastic material, inside pockets. Customizable size (letter, A4). MOQ of 1,000 Pieces.


    Vinyl folder

    F2-Vinyl folder

    Vinyl folder with paper block hanger, inside pockets, and pen holder. Screen printed, customizable size. MOQ of 1,000 Pieces.

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      Vinyl file folder

      F3-Vinyl file folder

      Resistant cover, offset printing, expandable pockets and fancy closing ribbons. Customizable size and design. MOQ of 1,000 Pieces.

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        Vinyl binder

        F4-Vinyl binder

        Screen printed Vinyl binders, metal rings and vinyl sheets to storage all kinds of items, like keys, cards, small documents and more. MOQ of 1,000 Pieces.


          Vinyl folders

          F5-Vinyl folders

          Leather like vinyl folder, customizable size and design, screen printing. MOQ of 1,000 Pieces.

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            Custom vinyl folders

            F6-Custom vinyl folders

            Customizable vinyl folders and binders, all kinds of covers, designs and sizes. Screen printing options. MOQ of 1,000 Pieces.


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